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Basketball 2018


The Kabayan Cup All-Filipino Conference is one of the major annual sports project being undertaken by the Filipino Amateur League of Connecticut otherwise known as FALConn. An organization founded in 2009 by a group of Filipino-Americans based in Connecticut, primarily to organize leagues and tournaments as a recreation for families, to do charitable works, to promote a healthy lifestyle through various sports, to build friendships with one another, to preserve Filipino culture and traditions through sports and to strengthen the Filipino-American community in Connecticut and its neighboring states.




Venue Time Season Game# SR MATCH   Time Season Game# FX MATCH
Sunday, March 18, 2018 12P                
St. Michael Gym 1P Rnd 1 101 NOSAJ-40 vs ROTEKS-72   2P Rnd 1 201 LAPU-LAPU-53 vs MABINI-46
  3P   102 LABUYO-38 vs BALLERZ-35   4P   202 RIZAL-34 vs DEL PILAR-30
  5P   103 COMPUCARE-67 vs RCREW-36   6P   203 JACINTO-48 vs BONIFACIO-28
  7P   104 PAREKOY-42 vs BUCKETS-46         AGUINALDO
Sunday, March 25, 2018 1:45P Rnd 2 105 COMPUCARE vs NOSAJ   12:45P Rnd 2 204 AGUINALDO vs BONIFACIO
St. Michael Gym 3:45P   106 BALLERZ vs ROTEKS   2:45P   205 LAPU-LAPU vs JACINTO
  5:45P   107 RCREW vs BUCKETS   4:45P   206 RIZAL vs MABINI
  6:45P   108 LABUYO vs PAREKOY         DEL PILAR
Sunday, April 08, 2018 12:45P Rnd 3 109 BUCKETS vs LABUYO   1:45P Rnd 3 207 DEL PILAR vs BONIFACIO
St. Michael Gym 2:45P   110 NOSAJ vs BALLERZ   3:45P   208 LAPU-LAPU vs RIZAL
  4:45P   111 ROTEKS vs RCREW   5:45P   209 AGUINALDO vs JACINTO
  6:45P   112 PAREKOY vs COMPUCARE         MABINI
Sunday, April 15, 2018                  
NO GAMES                  
NO GAMES                  
NO GAMES                  
NO GAMES                  
Sunday, April 22, 2018 3P Rnd 4 113 ROTEKS vs PAREKOY   3P Rnd 4 210 BONIFACIO vs MABINI
Greenwich High School 4P   114 RCREW vs NOSAJ   4P   211 DEL PILAR vs JACINTO
10 Hillside Rd, Greenwich 5P   115 LABUYO vs COMPUCARE   5P   212 LAPU-LAPU vs AGUINALDO
CT 06830 6P   116 BUCKETS vs BALLERZ         RIZAL
Sunday, April 29, 2018 2:45P Rnd 5 117 BALLERZ vs COMPUCARE   2:45P Rnd 5 213 BONIFACIO vs RIZAL
Greenwich High School 3:45P   118 NOSAJ vs LABUYO   3:45P   214 MABINI vs JACINTO
10 Hillside Rd, Greenwich 4:45P   119 BUCKETS vs ROTEKS   4:45P   215 DEL PILAR vs AGUINALDO
CT 06830 5:45P   120 PAREKOY vs RCREW         LAPU-LAPU
Sunday, May 6, 2018   Rnd 6 121            
NO GAMES     122            
NO GAMES     123            
NO GAMES     124            
Sunday, May 13, 2018 12:45P Rnd 6 121 NOSAJ vs PAREKOY   1:45P Rnd 6 216 LAPU-LAPU vs DEL PILAR
St. Michael Gym 2:45P   122 RCREW vs BALLERZ   3:45P   217 MABINI vs AGUINALDO
  4:45P   123 LABUYO vs ROTEKS   5:45P   218 JACINTO vs RIZAL
  6:45P   124 COMPUCARE vs BUCKETS         BONIFACIO
Sunday, May 20, 2018 12:45P Rnd 7 125 ROTEKS vs COMPUCARE   1:45P Rnd 7 219 LAPU-LAPU vs BONIFACIO
St. Michael Gym 2:45P   126 BUCKETS vs NOSAJ   3:45P   220 RIZAL vs AGUINALDO
  4:45P   127 BALLERZ vs PAREKOY   5:45P   221 MABINI vs DEL PILAR
  6:45P   128 RCREW vs LABUYO         JACINTO
Sunday, Jun 10, 2018 1:45P QF 129 T1 vs T4   12:45P QF 222 T1 vs T4
St. Michael Gym 3:45P   130 T2 vs T3   2:45P   223 T2 vs T3
Sunday, June 17, 2018 1:45P 2nd Pl 131 L129-L130   12:45P 2nd Pl 224 L129-L130
St. Michael Gym 3:45P Champ 132 W129-W130   2:45P Champ 225 W129-W130



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