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About Falconn


The Birth of FALConn . . .


In  September  2008, a group of friends started playing basketball  every Saturday in order to have fun while making themselves healthy and fit.    This led to the formation of an informal basketball league  and   invited  other friends to join in.  Its success inspired the group to form an organization  which will oversee and undertake various  sports activities for the Filipino-American community in  Fairfield County , Connecticut .  Thus, the Filipino Amateur League in Connecticut or FALConna   non-profit sports organization,  was founded. 

The  name FALConn was a result of the first meeting that  was held  on December 21, 2008  attended  by  Eduardo “Waway” Cabello,   Allan Baclayon,  Marcelito  “Lolong” Serojales, Junior Ruiz, Rey Cabasag, Jaymar Serojales  and  Willy Ruiz.  Unfortunately, while they were starting to solicit support from other Filipino-Americans in the area,  Junior Ruiz, passed away in March 2009.   However, two great things happened after this sad incident:   (1) it gave them more courage and inspiration to pursue the mission of FALConn;  (2)  it paved the way for  gaining the support of  the Filipino-Americans in Oakridge St, Greenwich CT, led by Junior Ahat and James Guzzello. 


During the second meeting of the group at Oakridge St., Greenwich CT, election of the first FALConn core group of  officers took place. The elected members of the Board were Eduardo Cabello, Chairman; Nicomedes Ahat, Vice-Chairman; Ben Mendones, Secretary; Allan Baclayon, Treasurer; Nerio Pequeno, Public Information Officer; Danny Cortina and Rogelio Calvar, Auditors. The appointed officers were James Guzzello, Consultant/Spokesman and Ruffa Manongsong, Women's Affair and Fundraising Chairman.

As an initial breakthrough, FALConn had its  Bowling Tournament from April 26 to July 19, 2009 where 12 teams competed for the championship.  This was followed by the Basketball League which was claimed to be one of the largest Fil-Am gathering in Connecticut based on the number of people  who watched the game from June 12 to August 7, 2009.  Eight teams participated in the said event.

On September 6, 2009,  the FALConn’s Constitution and By-Laws  was presented and ratified during the  first General Membership Meeting at St. Roche Church in Greenwich.   An   Executive Board  was also elected (replacing the initial set of Officers listed above) to  manage the organization’s programs including budget and to formulate and implement its policies and procedures.  The Executive Board is consists of  the following: the President, the Vice-President-Internal Affairs; the Vice President-External Affairs; the Secretary;  the Treasurer; the Auditor;  the Public Information Officer  (Publication/Website Committee);  the Youth Director (FALConn Singles); Women’s Affair Director (FALConn Ladies); the Charity Director (FALConn Cares); and the Membership Director.  

FALConn is committed to conduct annual sports tournament for  bowling, basketball, volleyball,  dart, chess and fishing.  Other projects  are summer camp, youth camp,  religious festivities,  and relief operations.  

Through participation in its sports program,  FALConn aims to promote health and fitness among members and help the youth to engage in positive activities.  It also intends to enhance unity and camaraderie among Filipino-American families in the Fairfield County .   FALConn encourages members’ involvement in civic and community services and  extends assistance to Filipinos both here and in the Philippines in times of   emergency, particularly those affected by  natural calamities.   Further, FALConn  is also promoting  awareness  and interest  in Philippine culture and heritage.  Hence,    FALConn  has the Philippine eagle in its logo  being the national bird in the Philippines .

FALConn members  are  bonded  by a common  interest in sports and the desire to strengthen the organization by working together.   Membership is open for all families and individuals in accordance with the membership guidelines  stipulated in its Constitution and By-Laws.