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BasketBall Ground Rules



January 29, 2012



PDF Copy

Please read and understand the following rules. Each coach/team captain is responsible for his/her players and others with the team, to know the rules and follow them.



1.1. Registration is by team only. No individual registrations.

1.2. Registration or Entry Fee: $ 150.00 per team, must be submitted together with all the requirements on or before November 30, 2011.

1.3. Game Fee: $ 100.00 per game for each team for the whole duration of the League. This to cover the expenses for gym rental, referee fee, prizes and miscellaneous. A two game advance payment is required on or before the opening of the League.

1.4. There will be two (2) separate divisions of the league, JUNIOR & SENIOR Divisions (Women’s Division if any).

1.5. Players in the JUNIOR DIVISION must be born from 1981 to 1996. Players in the SENIOR DIVISION must be born from 1980 and below.

1.6. All registration forms must be submitted on or before November 30, 2011.

1.7. Teams must have a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of fifteen (15) players, 1 coach and 1 assistant coach only.

1.8. Each player of the team must provide one (1) 2x2 colored photo ID together with the registration form/s.

1.9. All players in the Junior & Senior Division must submit a proof of birth or a valid driver’s license.

1.10. All players should sign the Release, Waiver and Assumption of Risk form. NO SIGNED and UNNOTARIZED waiver, No play.

1.11. As a major requirement by the Purchase College Facility, ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY $ 29.20, FOR THEIR SPORTS INSURANCE, NO EXEMPTION.

1.12. If the player is below 18 yrs old, his/her parents should sign on the release, waiver and assumption of risk form provided by the FALConn. Such form must be notarized.

1.13. Team jersey shirts are required to use numbers 4-18 only (#4 SHOULD BE ASSIGNED TO THE TEAM CAPTAIN). First/Last name use is optional. The front of the jersey shirts should bear the FALCONN logo at the upper left or right side.

1.14. All teams are required to choose a city, town or province in the Philippines which they want to represent (i.e. Leyte Eagle or Labuyo Batangas). This is one way of sharing and educating the young Fil-Am children about the different places in the Philippines and be proud of their parents’ origin.


1.16. All players of each team should be Filipino by blood or has Filipino roots (i.e. either both parents are pure Filipinos or one of the parents is pure Filipino). Team/s who is/are found to have fielded a non-Filipino player/s, will be automatically disqualified from the league and the Team, Coach, Assistant coach and player/s involved will be suspended for the next season.

1.17. Player/s who have played professionally here and abroad is/are disqualified to join the FALConn League. Team/s who is/are found guilty of fielding in player/s who have played professionally will be automatically disqualified from the league and will be suspended in next year’s/season’s league.

1.18. Team/s who have been found to have submitted any false information and/or documentation regarding player/s eligibility will be guilty of Fraud. This team/s, coach, assistant coach and players will be suspended for the next season.

1.19. Team/s who were disqualified and/or suspended due to fraud will automatically forfeit their last played game of which game should be awarded to the opposing team. Results of prior games played will not change.




2.1. There will be a parade on the opening day January 29th, 2012 at 1:30P.M. The assembly area will be at the lobby of SUNY PURCHASE COLLEGE at exactly 1:00 P.M.

2.2. Each team must provide a muse who is a Fil-Am, single/married, and 16 years old and above.

2.3. All players must attend the opening ceremony with complete uniforms.

2.3.1. The Kabayan Cup 4 Commissioners will allow teams who were not able to come up with their teams regular uniforms, to join the opening Ceremony and play in their temporary uniforms as long as it is of the same color (team color) with a number printed on the back (no duct tape, masking tape and the like) and a FALConn logo on the upper left hand corner of the front of the shirt. They will be given/allowed 2 weeks to wear their temporary uniforms. After 2 weeks the rule “NO UNIFORM, NO PLAY” will be strictly implemented.




3.1. Each team should register two (2) official coaching staff (coach and assistant coach) and one (1) team captain.

3.2. Game time is Forfeit Time. No Exceptions. Teams are expected on the floor at the designated time. Teams must have five players and a coach to begin a game. Team will be given 10 minutes only as waiting time.

3.3. Teams must have matching jerseys with a number and last or nickname (optional) displayed on the back. The front of the jersey should also bear the FALConn logo at the upper left or right side.

3.4. All players must have their last name and number listed (printed) on the score sheet prior to the start of the game.

3.5. Teams are responsible for any damages to the facilities and equipment that are caused by them. Any damages to the facilities and/or equipment, or misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Event Director will result in ejection from the event. There will be absolutely no refunds or awards given to any team ejected.

3.6. The following are prohibited from the gym’s premises: eating; smoking; alcoholic beverages ;non-Pepsi products (only Pepsi, mountain dew, sierra mist, aquafina and Gatorade are allowed)are not allowed at Purchase College Gym ;prohibited drugs and guns or deadly weapons.

3.7. Team members found positive either on alcohol or high on drugs cannot sit down on team’s bench and cannot play on that day. The commission still has the final decision on this matter.

3.8. Coaches and teams are expected to check in at least 30 minutes before their first scheduled game. Coaches are advised to check the master schedule and compare to the schedule you have before your first game.

3.9. Only members of the team and coaching staff (maximum of 2 coaches) shall be on the bench during the game.

3.10. Absence of Coach. In the absence of the coach and/or a playing coach (in case there is a playing coach), the team captain will act as the playing coach.

3.11. Attire. Coach and/or team officials must be in proper attire. Anyone who violates this rule may not sit on the team’s bench and may not guide their team on that game.

3.12. Each Player is required to wear their team uniform in every game, NO UNIFORM, NO PLAY.

3.13. Coach and Captain Ball at no instance should never be a member of the officiating committee (Commissioners, Table Officials) of the tournament and vice versa. However, members of the officiating committee can play to their respective team as a player only and neither a coach nor a captain ball.

3.14. Player/s must play a minimum of 3 games in the regular season. Player/s who does not meet the required minimum of 3 games played in the regular season will not be allowed to play in the quarterfinals, hence the semi-finals and championship.

3.15. All teams will be allowed to field in a maximum of 15 players in a game.





4.2. A three-minute pre-game warm-up will be given to both teams before the game begins. No games will start before their scheduled time unless agreed to by both coaches.

4.3. While the Game is in Progress, a player shall be disqualified and ejected out of the game if: He commits two (2) technical fouls in a game; He commits two (2) unsportsmanlike fouls in a game; He commits both or combination of the two type of fouls mentioned beforehand;

4.4. A player/coach disqualified or ejected out of the game shall be automatically be suspended on his next game. Repeating this offense shall be automatically disqualified from further participation in the league. In case it’s the last game, the suspension will be imposed on the next league.

4.5. Fight. A fight means: someone who has thrown a punch or kick an opponent or other physical contact that is not related to basketball. Any scuffle, fights, throwing of punches, or initiation of malicious altercation will result in immediate ejection of the involved player/s, coach, assistant coach and team supporter/s. The involved player/s, coach, assistant coach and team supporter/s will be escorted out of the playing premises. This ejection will be followed by potential suspension/s/ banning from the league after further review of the FALConn Officials and Basketball Commissioners.

4.6. Falconn officials and the Basketball Commissioners have the authority to stop the game, call the attention and/or give a warning to a player that make any unsportsmanlike gestures, kicking, punching, obscene signs and/or any second motion not seen by the referee. They have the authority to pull out the concerned player/s and seat him out for 2 minutes.

4.7. The FALConn officials and the basketball commissioners are granted the authority to eject suspend and/or ban any player/s whose conduct does not reflect the best interest of the league.

4.8. Player/s caught giving an obscene sign such as dirty finger or heard saying bad words to any official/s, technical committee/s, or to an opponent, that player/s will be given a: Technical foul on the first offense; Thrown out of the game on the second offense and will be suspended on his next team game.

4.9. The games will be played in four (4) ten minute quarters.

4.10. The first 3 quarters will be in running time.

4.11. The 4th quarter will also be played in running time except for the last 2 minutes of the game.

4.12. The game clock will not be stopped on time outs, and free throws, except only for injury or emergency or table official time outs and the last two (2) minutes of the 4th quarter. The clock will not stop in the 4th quarter if a twenty-five points or greater margin exists.

4.13. A 24 seconds shot clock will be applied in all four quarters.

4.14. Timeouts. Teams will be allowed one (1) thirty (30) second time-out on the first 3 quarters and two (2) thirty second time-out on the 4th quarter and one (1) thirty second time out in over time/extra period. Time-outs cannot be carried over at any time. The games will a have a 1 minute interval between quarters and a 2 minute interval between the 2nd and 3rd quarter (end half).

4.15. Team Fouls: A one on one bonus shot will be awarded after the 4th Team Foul and a double bonus shot after the 10th Team Foul in each quarter.

4.16. Any team leading by twenty (20) points will not be allowed to press. This includes half court traps as well as full court presses. Teams will be warned once and if they are continuing to press they will be given a technical foul.

4.17. Overtime: A five (5) minute running clock with the clock stopping for only the last two (2) minutes will make up the first overtime period. If a second overtime is needed, it will be sudden death overtime (first team to score in any manner wins). Only one (1) time out for thirty (30) seconds per team is allowed during overtime period.

4.18. Only the Coach/playing Coach or team captain of each team can communicate with the game officials including table officials regarding technicalities but not judgment call. However, it should be in a courteous and calm manner.

4.19. Wearing of jewelries by the players during the game is strictly prohibited.

4.20. Players with long nails are not allowed to play.

4.21. Walk-Out, Forfeiture, Default. A team who “walked-out” on the game shall lose the game by default and THE TEAM, TEAM OFFICIALS AND PLAYERS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED TO PLAY FOR THE NEXT SEASON.

4.22. A team who Forfeits their game shall lose the game by default and THE TEAM, TEAM OFFICIALS AND PLAYERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE SUSPENDED TO PLAY FOR THE NEXT SEASON.

4.23. A team who defaults their game for first time; shall lose that game and will pay the additional 50% of the game fee. A team who defaults their game for the second time; shall lose their game, and will pay for the game fee of both teams scheduled to play during that game, and will be given a warning by the League Officials. A team who defaults their game for the third time; shall lose that game, will pay for the game fee of both teams and WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED FOR THE DURATION OF THE LEAGUE AND THE TEAM, TEAM OFFICIALS AND PLAYERS WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE NEXT SEASON.

4.24. The team who has won by default will automatically have 30 points (to be used in case of a multi-team tie-breaker). The team who has lost by default will have a -20 points (to be used in case of a multi-team tie breaker).

4.25. The team/s who have been disqualified from the league due to a 3rd default have to pay the game fee for the remaining games he will not be playing, failure to play will mean automatic suspension of the team, team officials and players for the next season.

4.26. Postponed Games. All postponed games will be re-scheduled at the end of the round. There will be no games when snow storm is so severe.

4.27. The team captain or the coach should sign the Official Score sheet every after games.

4.28. All players, to be led by their coach and assistant coach should line-up in front the Table Official and shake the hands of the other team.








5.2. The Juniors Division will be divided into two (2) groups. After the regular games, the top 4 teams of each division, based on the number of wins, will advance to the CROSS-OVER Knock-out Quarter Finals, the 4 winners will advance to the semi Finals and the 2 winners will play for the Championship and the 2 losers will play for 3rd and 4th place.

5.3. The Seniors Division will have only one group. After the regular games, the top 8 teams, based on the number of wins will advance to the Quarter Finals, 4 winners will advance to the Semi Finals, 2 winners will play for the Championship and the 2 losers will play for 3rd and 4th place.

5.4. In case of a tie in the standings, the following rule will apply:

5.5. In case 2 teams are tied in the standing; THE WIN OVER THE OTHER RULE will be applied.

5.6. In case more than 2 teams are tied in the standing; THE POINT SYTEM RULE WILL BE APPLIED. The total points won and the total points lost of only the teams involved in the tie will be determined. The total points lost will be subtracted from the total points won of each team involved. Whoever has the highest remaining total points will be 1 in the tie breaker, next highest will be 2 and so on and so forth.

5.7. In the Seniors Division, in case 2 or more teams are tied in the standings, the total points lost of all games of the team involved in the tie will be determined. The team who has the lowest total points lost will be 1 in the tie-breaker, next lowest 2 and so on and so forth.





After 20 minutes that the force-majeure have occurred, the following procedures shall be applied


6.1. If the force-majeure occurred before the first half of the game, that game shall be canceled and re-scheduled at the end of the round. The game will start from the beginning. Only those present team members on that canceled game can play on the re-scheduled game.

6.2. If the force majeure occurred after the first half of the game, the game shall be continued at the end of the round. All scores, fouls, team fouls, time remaining, etc. shall be valid. Again, only those present team members on that canceled game can play on the re-scheduled game.

6.3. If the Commission decides to postpone a game/s because of “Force Majeure” before it has begun, the said games will be played at the latter part of the tournament.




The protesting teams must follow the procedures stated:


7.1. Protesting team shall pay a $50.00 fee.

7.2. If the Protesting team wins the protest, the $50.00 fee will be refunded to them by the team who lost the protest.

7.3. If the Protesting team losses the protest, protest fee will not be refunded.

7.4. Protesting team shall immediately inform the table officials and make a note on the Official Score sheets that they are putting the game “UNDER PROTEST”.

7.5. Protesting team shall submit the protest form (provided by FALConn) and pay the protest fee within 30 minutes after the game has ended. Protest will not be accepted after the 30 minutes has expired, no exception.

7.6. Protesting team shall be given 24 hours after the game has ended, to submit all necessary documents and/or proof to prove their protest. It is the responsibility of the protesting team to look for all the necessary documents or proof.

7.7. The team being protested shall be given 24 hours after the game has ended, to submit the necessary documents and/or proof to counter the protest. It is the responsibility of the team being protested to look/gather the necessary documents and/or proof to counter the protest.

7.8. Any Judgment call made by the referee is/are not a ground for protest. THE REFEREE’S DECISION IS FINAL.

7.9. THE Kabayan Cup 4 Commissioners will review all protests and render their decision within 3-5 days. All decisions will be final.




8.1. All participants of the 4th FALConn Basketball League are required to sign a notarized “Release, Waiver, and Assumption of Risk” form. These forms are included in the registration packet.




9.1. By accepting admission into this event, each and every participant accepts responsibility for all injuries and indemnifies the host, event workers, host facilities and all others who have put this event on for your pleasure.

9.2. POOR SPORTSMANSHIP WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This is a friendly tournament and we expect COACHES, PLAYERS and FANS to be on their best behavior. Violators will be asked to leave the facilities.

9.3. The event officials (FALConn) or commissioners reserve the right of final decision pertaining to any action committed by a player, coach or fan. The Commissioners and FALConn president also reserves the right to change/modify any of the rules above. This will be done in the best interest of the players not the coach or fans.


THIS GROUND RULES shall take effect on the opening day January 22, 2012, at Greenwich, Connecticut USA.






Commissioner - Chair





















FALConn President









4TH FALConn Basketball League 2012


All Filipino Conference







  • We as a team have read and agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations that govern your basketball tournament.
  • We fully understand and agree that the FALConn – Filipino Amateur League in Connecticut and its officers, members and volunteers will not tolerate any verbal abusive language and or physical threats.
  • We also understand that FALConn is not responsible for any injuries or accidents incurred during the tournament, or for lost and damaged items.
  • In any circumstances, we agree that our team will pay the game fee in the amount of $100.00 per game and/or $700.00 for whole duration of the regular season. And if our team advances to playoff, we agree to pay the game fee ($100.00/game) up to our last game. Failure to pay this amount, our team, our team officials and our individual players will be automatically suspended for the next season. After serving our suspension the team should pay the remaining balance before we will be accepted to play.
  • We agree that there is a $200.00 advance game fee deposit before the league start.
  • We also understand that FALConn can use this agreement for any legal purposes.


As a coach, assistant coach, team owner and team manager of this team I agree and affix my personal signature as verification to the preceding statement.







Assistant Coach





Team Manager

Team Owner