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FALConn’s  FIRST  :  A One Of  A Kind

Injury is so inevitable in any sports game. The Filipino-Amateur League in Connecticut (FALConn)  had a very minimal set of  first aid kit when they started the league three years ago usually manned by one or two people.

As the  league becomes popular and participants grew bigger,  FALConn felt  the urgent need to have  a permanent  group  who will respond effectively in cases of accidents.     With the appointment of Ariel Magtibay as chairman of the  First Aid Team,  in coordination with  the American Red Cross in Connecticut (Greenwich Chapter) ,    trainings  on  First Aid and   Adult and Pediatric   CPR/AED were conducted.   Equipped with the training and certification, the team is fully confident  to administer first aid  to any injured  person during games.   A couple of  injuries  already tested the team’s capability  to respond to  such incidents.  One head injury happened when Neria Baclayon, a registered nurse, was on duty as a first aid team member.   

Before the initial  training in January this year,  Ariel  coined a name for  the group  from the word FIRST   which now stands  for      FALConn  Injury Response and Safety Team.  The group who has now a total of 30 members  from the FALConn membership  has  their own FIRST aid uniform  that they wear during games so people know whom to approach in case of emergency.   A maximum of  five  members including a team leader are  on duty  every game on a  rotation basis.  FIRST will always be present in all FALConn activities.

The training partnership with the Greenwich-based American Red Cross is continuous  for as long as there are interested members who want to be certified.   Knowledge of basic  CPR   is very useful in  our everyday lives.   Lota Yamashita, another FIRST  member attested to this when her employer  collapsed  in her presence.  Her quick response  to check on her condition  and  notifying the family was  a saving grace.

With  major  disasters  happening in other parts of  the country,   the  FIRST    voiced out a concern to  offer assistance  during these times.  The American Red Cross is willing to provide appropriate trainings to FALConn especially  the members of  FIRST   on how to help them in their national disaster operations.   It is a big step  for  such a small group   but a   noble service to the community and the country  consistent with the charity mission of FALConn. - by Lea Romana.


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